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Five Reasons to Switch to SRQ Gents

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Relaxing and Tranquil; It’s All For You
Five Reasons to Switch to SRQ Gents (SUB)

We know, we know. You have your reasons for visiting the salon and you have your reasons for visiting the barbershop. Have you been to a salon just for gentlemen, though? If your answer is no, keep reading. We’re going to cut to the chase and give you five reasons why SRQ Gents offers you more than just a haircut.

  1. Not Just a Cut, a Style
    Sure, your next-door neighbor can buzz off your unwanted locks any night of the week. But take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself: Does it look good? Stylists at SRQ are going to provide you with not only the cut you need but with the style you want.
  2. Trends and Products
    Speaking of the style you want, how do you know it’ll be the right one for you? At SRQ, stylists are trained to know what styles and cuts will actually work for your type of hair. And if you need a few products to keep the look going, they’ve got that covered too.
  3. Time and Attention
    Before getting a word in, barbers often have an idea in their mind of what needs to be done to your hair—and—they do it. While you might appreciate the quick service, stylists at SRQ are trained in using clippers and scissors, and they’re going to listen to your needs beyond the old question of “What number do you want?”
  4. Hair Color
    Covering up gray hair? Dying your hair blue? Either can be frightening if you’re not doing it at the right place. Not to worry though, SRQ has done it all from naturally cover up grays to giving incredible color without a tacky turnout.
  5. Tranquil Atmosphere
    This might be the most important reason to switch to SRQ Gents: the overall atmosphere you walk into cannot be matched. Not only does the gentlemen’s salon offer a private atmosphere, it’s also relaxing, tranquil and all for you.
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