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GQ's Article on a man and his blow dryer

For a long time, I’d resigned myself to the fact that I would never have movie star-quality hair. Built like my Eastern European ancestors, with thick, frizzy follicles and the swarthy features you’d expect from a dock worker or a diner owner, I wholeheartedly believed that perfectly coiffed locks were something that’d never be in the cards for me, simply by nature of the genetic hand I was dealt. It was an unfortunate reality, but it was the one I thought I had to live. Only about a year ago did I realize that I was ...Read More

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Valentine's Day Specials at SRQ Gents Mens Salon

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Gents, let us help ease your pockets this Valentine's Day!

Keep it handsome from top to bottom and save big with our Valentine's Day specials.


Executive Cut - $14

Standard Shave - $20

Hand/Foot Care - $30

One hour standard massage or Facial - $45


We will get you looking and feeling your best to impress the ladies!


Call 941.777.3020 to Schedule

Offer Valid until February 13th, 2016

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Sarasota Day Article "The Man Bun and other Fall Hair Trends for Men"


The newest place for gentlemen to get themselves up to snuff is SRQ Gents where Master Stylist Jordin Donson is not just a talented gentleman groomer. She’s also a very knowledgeable source on the latest men’s hair trends for fall. It is her specialty after all.  Men and fashion trends are kind of like zesty vinaigrette. The elements involved just need to be shook up to make .... Read More

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50% Off First Time Cut - Located in Salon Lofts on S Tamiami Trail, Sarasota FL

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